Ginger and Vanilla Kombucha

I have been anxiously awaiting my opportunity to brew up a batch of kombucha. The only thing that was holding me back was getting my hands on a SCOBY. Luckily for me, I received one as a birthday present from a friend who fostered it herself. Yeah these are the birthday presents we look forward to as we get older. Ha! SCOBYs are kind of scary looking, like something from a Sci-Fi movie. They really are amazing organisms though.

I used all black tea for this batch of kombucha. But you can use green or a combination of green and black. That is what is on deck next for me. For this go ’round though, I jumped head first and after bottling my fermented friend, I used sliced rounds of ginger in a couple of bottles and Tahitian vanilla in my weck jar. I suggest you “burp” your bottles on occasion as one of mine got so carbed just two days in, the entire bottom blew out and made a huge mess in my pantry. Regardless of that mishap, the ginger and the vanilla both taste wonderful. The ginger has some nice heat on the back-end and the vanilla has a great nose and some vanilla sweetness up front on the taste.

The whole process is really quite easy and I highly recommend you make some yourself. The health benefits are astounding if you drink it on a daily basis.

Ginger and vanilla kombucha

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I live a crazy, eventful, fast-paced lifestyle. Mainly because of trying to juggle all of life's curveballs and adventures. I love my wife Elizabeth and my baby girl Arya. When I'm not spending time with them I am blogging about food, creating art, sipping craft beer and educating my elementary students on a daily basis. Live life!

8 thoughts on “Ginger and Vanilla Kombucha”

  1. I love kombucha! I am always so intimidated by the idea of making it for myself though. Guess I will have to get over that and give it a go!

  2. That link pretty much made me never want to try Kombucha again. Thanks for that. 😛 I have had it a few times and liked it. I even had it on tap at Willard’s Tap House in Largo. I don’t think I could make it though, particularly after seeing the SCOBY.

  3. Yeah, for the squeemish types, handling the SCOBY could be quite daunting. It’s pretty fun though and fairly easy. I’m trying some different combinations of tea for my follow up batches.

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