Brews WIth Attitude 2015

I had the opportunity through Tampa Bay Bloggers to partake in some beer shenanigans last week. My wife and daughter accompanied me to join in the festivities. Pepin Distributing hosted its annual Brews With Attitude beer fest. This year boasted some awesome brews. There was a great mixture of local breweries represented, rare beers at the “one-off” truck, and top-notch food trucks for noshing on.

My favorite was the “one-off” truck which was pouring Bourbon County Brand Coffee Stout. The coffee and barrel are done superbly. Rapp Brewing had their Peanut Butter Chocolate Stout on tap as well. Also located at this particular truck full of taps was Spencer Brewery. They were represented with their Spencer Trappist Ale, which is a Belgian Pale Ale. Here, beers brewed by The Monks of St. Joseph’s Abbey, Spencer is the first and only certified Trappist beer made in the United States.

Some other favorites were local breweries Coppertail Brewing, Darwin’s Brewing, and Southern Brewing. Southern had a fantastic tart Berliner Weisse they were offering up.

I can’t say enough about how impressed I was with this event. TPepin Hospitality Centre had plenty of indoor and outdoor space to accommodate the crowd, even when the rain ushered everyone inside. 2015-05-12 20.48.57 2015-05-12 18.45.45 2015-05-12 20.10.05 2015-05-12 19.55.21 2015-05-12 19.11.21 2015-05-12 19.04.12 2015-05-12 18.58.45 2015-05-12 18.53.32 2015-05-12 18.46.01 2015-05-12 19.14.39 2015-05-12 19.19.56

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I live a crazy, eventful, fast-paced lifestyle. Mainly because of trying to juggle all of life's curveballs and adventures. I love my wife Elizabeth and my baby girl Arya. When I'm not spending time with them I am blogging about food, creating art, sipping craft beer and educating my elementary students on a daily basis. Live life!

2 thoughts on “Brews WIth Attitude 2015”

  1. This was such a great event! I am so happy that we were able to see you, Elizabeth and Arya. I love her so much. ❤ I hope we get to see you all again soon.

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