Khachapuri, Georgian Cheese, Bread and Egg Awesomeness

I could be Georgian. According to a 2009 survey, 88% of Georgians prefer khachapuri to pizza. If being Georgian meant that I would always get to consume a dish filled with runny rich eggs, doughy baked bread, and gooey cheesy deliciousness, then dammit, call me Georgian. By Georgian I don’t mean that state north of Florida either, I mean the Republic of Georgia located right in the middle of Europe and Asia. Such simple yet fabulous cuisine.

I ran across a recipe from my favorite blogger, Lady and Pups, specific to this dish. It took me a while to get around to making it with baby Arya monopolizing so much of my time these days. It is a pretty tall order to add new recipes to my repertoire being a new dad and all. Really the dish is as easy as could be, if you’ve made pizza before you can make khachapuri. You prepare a dough, make a thick bechamel laced with tons of cheese, form the dough, spread some salty oily tapenade on the dough, fill with cheese mixture, bake and top with a raw egg yolk, at least that’s the version I made. Depending on the region, the make up of the dish will vary, just like pizza. Heh.

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Pork and Cauliflower Vindaloo, Coconut Cilantro Basmati

It has been quite some time since I’ve posted on my blog. It’s been a whirlwind of happenings lately. Elizabeth and I had our baby shower so I had to prepare for that. Then there are birthdays galore. I am honestly feeling wiped out. I am still cooking like always, but breaking out my camera, uploading photos, editing and then writing for my blog is just too much lately. This here is a dish that put some flare and excitement in my life with a bit of spice to light a fire under me.

I present to you my pork and cauliflower vindaloo with chickpeas and potatoes. homemade naan. coconut milk cilantro basmati

pork and cauliflower vindaloo, chickpeas and potatoes. homemade naan. coconut milk cilantro basmati pork and cauliflower vindaloo, chickpeas and potatoes. homemade naan. coconut milk cilantro basmati-3 pork and cauliflower vindaloo, chickpeas and potatoes. homemade naan. coconut milk cilantro basmati-2

Super Quinoa Cakes

Quinoa Cakes with Hummus

With bathing suit season sneaking up on us all, we are becoming more mindful of what we are consuming.  There’s that mad dash to shed a few pounds.  Following up on my turkey lentil meatball post, here is a great, and easy, quinoa dish.  SUPER FOOD!  Yeah I know we have all heard this buzzword attached to quinoa.  If done right it is a super food, super tasty.  Besides the black and white sesame seeds that I sprinkled on before pan frying, I also added a swath of roasted red pepper hummus and a nice and easily dressed side salad is a great accompaniment.

The recipe I adapted from is right here from Epicurious.  Enjoy and be healthy, for now.

Quinoa Cakes with Hummus-2


Healthy Options: Mediterranean Inspired Turkey Lentil Meatballs

turkey lentil meatballs

Everyone needs a dish every once in a while that just makes you feel healthy.  The problem is, many times those dishes leave you feeling hungry as well.

I had some lentils that had been sitting in my pantry for quite some time and had to use them up.  I just happened to come across a post that used cooked lentils as a filler for some turkey meatballs and they seemed right up my alley.  Of course, I had to put my own spin on things and make my own Sriracha hummus, but you do whatever you feel like doing.  I also added some freshly ground cumin and coriander to the meatballs during the mixing process.

I warmed up some whole wheat flatbread on my Baking Steel that I keep in my oven.  It was already warm from baking the lentil meatballs, so that was easy.  Spread some hummus on the bread after quartering it up, top with a meatball, then some yogurt sauce, place some greens and garnish with a bit of really good extra virgin olive oil.

It is a very satisfying dish and I’m sure you will feel good about yourself after eating it.  Look there’s even greens!  Hell you’ll feel so good, go ahead and enjoy a beer with your meal like I did.  Cheers!

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Turkey Lentil Meatball Recipe

turkey lentil meatballs-2