B Cups, Quintessential Cup For Craft Beer Lovers On the Go

Sometimes I just want that special glass for my delicious beer and I don’t feel like compromising. The problem arises when I’m not at home. I might be traveling, in a hotel, at the beach, or at a party, all places that I might not want to tote around some fancy glassware. There is now a solution to every craft beer drinkers dilemma. The B Cup from Fermented Reality is stackable and is obviously more durable than actual glass.

2015-04-13 17.57.16

I have had the pleasure to try out this product and I must say it is fabulous. I no longer have to compromise as this product works wonders just like a traditional spiegelau glass. The flavors are accentuated through the ripples of the B Cup and the aroma pops as well. While it is great for IPAs and pale ales it does work well with other brews as well. I recently used the B Cup during a stay at a hotel while at a friend’s wedding. I gave it a go with a pumpkin spiced saison from Fat Point Brewing called Pumpka Gourda. The flavors and aroma came through very nice. I highly recommend this product to anyone serious about their craft beer. Cheers!

2015-10-10 13.16.49

Disclaimer: All of the thoughts and words are my own. I was compensated with a 4 pack of B Cups to keep in return for writing this review.