Broccoli Rabe and Salami Pizza

I made an awesome pizza last night for the wife and myself using my favorite method of pizza making. The broiler+Baking Steel method. The dough had had 4 days to cold ferment in the fridge. Ridiculous flavor!

After a layer of fresh garlicky tomato sauce ladened with sticky estra virgin olive oil I hit the pizza with some grated Pecorino Romano. For the heft portion of the pizza I added blanched and chopped broccoli rabe as well as sliced dried Italian salami and sliced Margherita brand pepperoni. I just love how the pork products get those crispy edges and create glorious pockets for that cheese to settle in. Low-moisture mozzarella works for me most of the time and that’s what I used here. You can sub in cubes of fresh mozzarella if you wish.

You can find my previous post about how I create my pizzas HERE. Nothing goes better with a great pizza than a great beer. So indulge and enjoy. Cheers!

Broccoli rabe and pepperoni pizza with bba barleywine-5 Broccoli rabe and pepperoni pizza with bba barleywine Broccoli rabe and pepperoni pizza with bba barleywine-6